FLUSH: Celebrating Bathrooms Past & Present

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"Can a book about bathrooms be eloquent, artful, humorous, and downright surprising? You bet it can. Steve Gottlieb wonderfully covers the subject of the bathroom from history to lore to technology--in a way that is at once history book and masterful storytelling. You'd want this book for the photography alone. The kind of half-photojournalism, half art photo that makes for a spectacular coffee table book. With a variety of subjects, lightings, and moods that create a mosaic of great photos, not just a one trick pony. If you'd like a book that's unlike any other, bringing a refreshing and entertaining take on a somewhat "undiscussed" subject and adorned with beautiful photography, you will be pleased and amazed by FLUSH: Celebrating Bathrooms Past & Present." - Tom Gulley, The Tom Gulley (radio) Show

"FLUSH is a quirky, informational, out-of-the-box bathroom book that's making waves in the business." - Chelsie Butler, Kitchen & Bath Business magazine