Abandoned America

Abandoned AmericaTangible ghosts.
Remnants of living history.
The subjects in Abandoned America—houses and barns, cars and trucks, factories and equipment—arouse poignant feelings…of awe and nostalgia, of wanderlust and mortality. “I wanted to see, touch, and explore these lost and forgotten objects before they vanished, before they became extinct,” says Gottlieb. “With my camera, I have tried to preserve their spirit—to bestow on them a flicker of immortality.”

“Gift Book of the Year,” People magazine

“Gift Book of the Year,” USA Today

“Best in Show,” Chicago Book & Media Fair

Abandoned America is a stimulating collection of haunting images that attests to Gottlieb’s high level of photographic expertise. The photos themselves speak volumes but the addition of enlightening captions give the book a soft voice that is unforgettable.” Shutterbug magazine


NPR/NYC Interview: http://www.wnyc.org/story/48060-the-best-films-of-2002/

"Best In Show" - Chicago Book & Media Fair

"Gift Book of the Year" - People magazine & USA Today